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a little information before purchasing our product

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Payment Terms :

At the moment we only accept payment via telegraphic transfer. We are still trying to put more option to accomodate customer convenience. Part payment of the first half 50% Downpayment should be paid prior to the production and the other half will be made before delivery. Original documents will be sent to the consignee upon receipt the transfer.

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Price Terms :

Our prices are based on FOB Semarang Port, but we welcome if you prever to have CIF terms. Please ask our marketing team for CIF inquiry

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Order :

Minimum order is a 20 feet container, no minimum quantity for each items.

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Producton Period :

1 x 20 ft container will be 8-9 weeks maximum. 1 x 40HC ft container will be 9-10 weeks maximum. Afterwards, 4×40 ft containers can be shipped every month based on regular order Custom made design products may take longer to produce.

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Sample Request :

For a sample request,  we request a down payment of 100% by Telegraphic Transfer (TT). Sample transportation and delivery cost would be the responsibility from the buyer. Sample will be produced upon full payment received by our bank.

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Guarantee :

We will do replacement for any broken product.

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Shipping & Handling fee :

You may nominate of the forwarder or shipping line or we can find the best one for you.

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We highly recomended to take insurance for the goods and it is cost 3 % from declare value of the goods.

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  • Packing by wooden frame: USD 30/M3
  • Packing by wooden box: USD 45/M3
  • Super dry: USD 7/PCS
  • Fumigation Aqis: USD 150/20 FEET | USD 200/ 40/40 HC
  • Pytosanitary: USD 160/20 FEET | USD 210/ 40&40 HC
  • SVLK doc: 1 – 5 cbm : 400 up 5 cbm USD 25/cbm
  • THC For Collect shipment: USD 105 / 20 FEET / 155 / 40 & 40 HC

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