” Wahana Kayu is an indonesian furniture manufacturer and exporter based in Jepara, Central Java.”




As the owners, Burhan Handles the day-to-day-operation, leads  the company’s strategic development and is in charge of the production.

We are focusing on produce world class quality, using the best selection of materials from teak wood, mahogany and many other local wood as well as combining with other materials such as metal, rattan, stainlist etc.


Our wooden materials came directly from PERHUTANI (Indonesian Forest Ministry) and we also used kiln dry to make sure that the wood moisture is low enough to minimize any risk.

We strongly support the conservation of nature therefore we only use materials of the furniture from sources that can be accounted for.

All of product are available in various finishing colours, finishing techniques, accessories, materials, fabrics & leathers.

We are committed  to deliver well designed, good quality and customable product at fair price.

Why buy from us?

We will always strive to make wahana kayu your first choice for the best products.

Superior customer service

On time delivery no delays and no excuse.

Our furniture is made from the best genuine solid wood as material taken from PERHUTANI (Indonesian Forest Ministry)

All our product is using kiln dry, free from wood worms and good contructions.

You can track manufacturing progress of your order we give you a photographic report on request.

We will do replacement for any broken product.

We have a lot of competitive advantages that give us price savings, from our vertically integrated supply chain to our strength onto you.

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