About Us

Wahana Kayu is an Indonesian Furniture manufacturers
Established in 2014 we small but dedicated team of professional woodworkers, carpenters, and designers was joining forces for crafting functional and visually flawless furniture pieces.
We are born out of young & creatively gifted entrepreneurs who wish to produce and sell furniture of world class quality taking advantage of online technology.
We have done extensive research in the field of furniture current and past trends in this industry with this knowledge as our base and the passions to provide you with a good quality.

mid century modern furniture

Focus on Long Term Business

We believe that if we can be assured of delivery time and good quality that will be a good reliable corporation.

With this value we drove our company team to serve every buyer for a long term relationship.

Our commitment is Q & D ( Quality & Deliver )

Our Process

For any custom work performed, there are two basic project workflows that we follow.
It would start with design and move on to production, or if a design already exists and we’re simply fabricating, it moves straight into production.

We’re happy to share this process with you, to help our clients better understand the workflow that goes into every piece we create.

mid century furniture
mid century modern furniture wahana kayu

Our Team

Our team supported by experience craftsmanship who lives in Jepara Central Java Indonesia as we know jepara has many peoples who have high experi- ence for wooden furniture in many styles and designs. with young working spirits and doing innovation for updating newest styles and designs.
We are trying to be one step ahead from the other company. That’s why we always have good coordination in every division.

From fast response customer services as the part of marketing management, to the main part of production that is the quality control team, we make them a solid system like the system that runs in our body. Every division in our company is important to run our business, they support each other well and manage good communication. held to reduce any risk.

We have our own professional designers to meet any of your requirements. We are committed to deliver well designed, good quality and customizable products at a fair price.
Lastly, we belive that we are solutions for you need in furniture industry