Wahana Kayu LVLK Certificate

Product legality is mandatory aspect in furniture industry. It aims to give customer guarantee that every product is legal. Furthermore, product legality represents the furniture manufacturer’s liability, and hence credibility. Product legality builds customer’s trust on furniture manufacturer. Surely, it gives advantage for both customer and manufacturer. In customers’ point of view, it is necessary to be convinced that furniture they will purchase is legal. Legality is crucial aspect in international market. Meanwhile, in manufacturers’ point of view, product legality gives business advantage, increasing selling rate for instance. Customers prefer to purchase furniture from the credible manufacturers to avoid the illegal furniture.

As an awareness of product legality, Wahana Kayu officially receives SVLK (Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu) certificate. It is Indonesian Timber Legality Verification System managed by LVLK (Lembaga Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu). LVLK is official institution for timber legality verification under Director General of Sustainable Production Forest management. Wahana Kayu complies with the criteria and indicators of timber legality verification concerning guidelines, standards, and procedures of management performance sustainable production forest. It also issues V-legal documents or FLEGT Licenses enclosing Timber Legality Verification Standards for IUI Holders. Wahana Kayu LVLK certificate has been issued since October 1, 2021 and valid until September 30, 2027.


The Significances of Timber Legality Verification

Timber Legality Verification System aims to assure that the origin and management of timber products and the raw materials meet the legality aspect requirements. The criteria of legal timber includes the origins, logging license, logging system and procedure, transporting, manufacturing, and trading aspect. It builds the credible and efficient legality verification to avoid illegal logging and trading. Besides, Timber Legality Verification elevates the Indonesian furniture product competitiveness either in local trading or in global trading. International customers or buyers do concern about timber legality aspect, particularly the biggest customers from Europe, American, and Japan. Hence, it is necessary to assure those prominent buyers that Indonesian furniture products meet the timber legality standard and procedure. In other words, it gives such benefits in business point of view.

Meanwhile, Timber Legality Verification System also gives the positive impacts for environment or society. As previously stated, it is Government commitment to decrease illegal logging in Indonesian forests. This point concerns to timber management that simply affects forest management. By following the whole logging system and procedure including transporting and manufacturing, it minimizes the environmental damages. Furthermore, avoiding illegal logging is potential to support welfare of society, especially the people nearby. Considering the environmental issues, it is necessary for furniture manufacturers to comply Timber Legality Verification System standard and procedure.

As a furniture manufacturer, Wahana Kayu is committed to supporting Government program in reducing illegal logging and trading. For this reason, Wahana Kayu is aware to meet the whole requirement of Timber Legality Verification System. Wahana Kayu meets the standard and procedure of product legality officially issued by Government. Besides, the buyers or customers preference is priority. Wahana Kayu considers their preference so it is necessary to assure that every furniture product is legal. Prioritizing customer trust, Wahana Kayu emphasizes product legality to avoid customer hesitation in purchasing furniture.