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11 Bestseller of Teak Wood Chairs

Looking for the best teak wood chairs to make your interior look even more perfect? If you are aiming for a traditional yet classic and elegant look for your rooms, teak wood furniture is a jewel. Solid teak wood is one of the best timbers used for wooden furniture. It is native to South and Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, and Sri Lanka. Teak wood is a tropical hardwood famous for its strong, durable, and water-resistant properties as well as the gorgeous grains. In addition to being impervious, teak wood is also resistant to pest and rot as well as able to withstand the rain, wind, and sun, making it the best outdoor furniture to put in patios, porches, or even gardens. No wonder, lots of people choose teak wood furniture for their spaces, be it home décor, café and restaurant, hotel, and many others.

There are a wide variety of teak wood chairs on sale, with diverse design, finishing, and dimension. Here is our list of 11 bestseller teak wood chairs to choose from. Check them out!

1. Bentwood chair

bentwood chair indonesian teak manufacturers
Bentwood chair

As the name suggests, the most prominent feature of Bentwood Chair is the curves of all parts, made beautifully with its bent backrest and spindle. Designed without armrest, this simple yet unique chair is most suitable to use as indoor and/or outdoor dining chairs. Its high backrest allows you to straighten your back and relax while enjoying your meal. Bentwood Chair is made fully of the strong and durable teak wood with natural finishing, showing off its gorgeous genuine grains. So, there is no reason to doubt its beauty and longevity. The strong construction of Bentwood Chair, combined with the great traits of natural teak wood as its material, makes it even a perfect decor to spruce up your dining room.

2. Cross back chair

cross back chair
Cross back chair

Another kind of unique and aesthetic teak wood chair to choose for your garden furniture is this Cross Back Chair. You can tell by its name that this chair has slightly bent cross rails from thin woods which span diagonally from its top rail down to each sides of the seat, forming a cross in its back. This feature is specially designed to support your back so that you can sit comfortably on this Cross Back Chair. To maintain its traditional yet classic look of a teak wood chair, the seat part of Cross Back Chair is also made of bars of teak wood with the same fine-sanded NC Walnut finishing as the other parts of this chair. The legs are slightly curved, with added bent arcs just right under each side of the apron, enhancing the exquisiteness of this chair. With its natural dark brown color, aside from the anti-pest, water and rot-resistant properties of the teak wood used to craft it; Cross Back Chair will make a lovely appearance at your room.

3. Elbow chair

Elbow chair
Elbow chair

48 cm wide and 74 cm tall, Elbow Chair is ideal to be paired with your study desk or dressing table. Elbow Chair has a simple yet elegant design, with slim legs and stiles, slightly curved top rail to support your back, and comfy seat with a soft padding. Different from the other two kinds of teak wood chairs described above, Elbow Chair has a touch of lighter color with its water-based finishing, making it rather minimalist and modern looking. So, if you prefer this kind of interior to suit your minimalist room decor, Elbow Chair can be a smart choice. While the durability of teak wood is out of question, you should be thoughtful in choosing teak wood chairs if they have mixed materials. This Elbow Chair, for example, has a soft padded cushion with upholstery fabric as its seat, which might not be as impervious as the teak wood part of the chair. Thus, Elbow Chair will be more suitable to be put inside.

4. Onion chair

Onion Chair
Onion Chair

Most of the time, you want a good quality of furniture that is not only functional, but also visually appealing. If you are an eccentric individual, you might want to purchase teak wood chairs which reflect your personality well. For that purpose, you can pick some of this fanciful Onion Chair, bring them home, and display them on your porch or patio, or put inside in your living room or dining room. This Onion Chair is just perfect everywhere. It is not only a chair; it is also a work of art. The best part of its appearance is its armrest, which is curvy in elegance, making it very artistic looking.

Onion Chair is made entirely of natural brown-colored solid teak wood in NC Walnut finishing, without any cushioning. It is not only highly resistant to rotting but also almost unaffected by the sun, rain, snow and even frost, allowing it to make its appearance outside. Moreover, teak wood is also naturally withering to a silvery/grayish tone that makes it remain beautiful over time.

5. Dallas lounge chair

Dallas lounge chair
Dallas lounge chair

A chair is not merely something to sit on; sometimes you want to be able to rest and chill on it. This is why Dallas Lounge Chair exists; to put beauty and comfort above everything else. Dallas Lounge Chair is 75 cm wide, its depth is 97 cm, and its height is 84 cm. This dimension provides you with better coziness as it is spacious enough. It combines the strong and durable teak wood material with soft cushions for its seat and back. You can sit on it for a long time without getting tired. Perfect for relaxing, Dallas Lounge Chair is not only best to be placed in lounges but also in your living room or entertainment room. A little tip if you have set your eyes in this comfy lounge chair: As it is quite wide for a chair, you might need to consider the space you have at home before buying Dallas Lounge Chair.

6. Naura lounge chair

Naura Lounge Chair
Naura Lounge Chair

Lounge chair is perfect choice to relax and chill and Naura lounge chair is the most recommended one. Naura lounge chair features the coastal style which is designed to bring you a beach vibe at home. It has an ideal dimension with 80cm in wide, 86cm in depth, and 86.5cm in height. Surely, this chair is spacious, cozy, and simply comfortable for relaxing. Placing Naura lounge chair in your living room is definitely a perfect idea to take a break and enjoy the quality time. Sometimes, for the busy people, quality time is precious but they don’t have enough time to chill outside. Alternatively, people tend to buy the comfy chair like lounge chair to relax at home. So, the quality is the priority.

Naura lounge chair is made from teak wood with natural NC finishing. If you are aware of the quality, there is no regret to buy this one. Teak wood is strong, solid, and high quality material which has better durability than other materials. Moreover, it is relatively fungal and termite resistant. Worth the price, isn’t it? In addition, Naura lounge chair is completed with comfy soft cushions for its seat and back. Well, you get the quality and comfort at once.

7. Hoffman chair

Hoffman chair
Hoffman chair

The combination of teak wood and paper-cord rattan cannot go wrong. The teak wood frame with water-based finishing of Hoffman Chair blends nicely with the  rattan webbings for its back and seating. The added spindle that goes around all sides of the legs enhances the attractiveness of its design. In addition, Hoffman Chair has lighter color than most of other teak wood chairs, making it more suitable for spaces with soft, minimalist concept.

8. Kubi chair

Kubi Chair
Kubi chair

Do you prefer to have a semi-industrial, minimalist concept for your room? Find and choose furniture with a perfect blend of wood and iron, like this Kubi Chair. This artsy-craftsy chair has iron frame, painted black, with dark brown-colored teak wood seat and back in natural finishing. Kubi Chair is perfect for a room with warm, cozy vibe as that of cafes and bars.

9. Kamata chair

Kamata Chairs
Kamata Chair

Searching for some aesthetic yet comfy chairs for your relaxing spaces? You don’t need to go out to cafes if you can have this Insta-worthy chair at home. If that is what you aim, Kamata Chair might be the best choice of refined chair for you. Kamata Chair is a splendid combination of well-thought design and the best quality of materials used. This chair is made of the strong and durable teak wood in dark brown color, combined with synthetic rattan in the same color to fill up the back and both sides of the chair to boost up its beauty. To add more comfort and elegance, Kamata Chair is equipped with soft-padded seating with glossy faux leather upholstery in stylist navy color. Also, Kamata Chair has beveled edges at the front sides that give an extra touch for the final look. Of course, you can also rest your arms on them.

10. Wishbone chair

Wishbone chair

What is better than a multifunctional chair? You can sit on it comfortably, boast the artistic look of your space with its presence, and use it as photo property. This is what Wishbone Chair offers to you. Wishbone Chair is a teak wood chair with plaited pandan rattan for its seat. The name is portrayed in the design of its back which resembles a wishbone. The peculiar back, combined with its bent stiles and curved top rail, makes Wishbone Chair artistically aesthetic looking. You won’t need to think hard about where to put this chair as it can easily fit in any room in your house.

11. Matsun chair

Matsun Chair
Matsun chair

Matsun Chair preserves the charming rings and grains of natural teak wood with its NC Natural finishing. Its slender legs are curvy and go up and connected to the armrests, which are also joined perfectly to its wide top rail. The seat is also slightly bent, with soft padding to make it more comfortable to sit on.

Other than those chairs described above, you can also choose teak wood bar stools to add up to the cozy vibe of your place. Teak wood high stools are fashionable to place at your counters, to sit on while having small talks with your family and friends.

There are several points to ponder before purchasing the best teak wood chairs for you. First, set your budget and do your research to get the best deal. Second, measure the space you have to avoid overcrowding your room with furniture. Third, choose the chairs that match with the other existing furniture and your preferred color and theme.

Choosing furniture that reflects not only your preference but also personality is indeed not easy. However, for wooden furniture, teak wood is considered superior than any other materials. So, take your time and pickup some best teak wood chairs that suit your liking perfectly.

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