What to Consider in Ordering Wholesale Furniture from Indonesia

Why Should You Get Wholesale Furniture from Indonesia?

Indonesia has seen so many generation of wood-working ever since furniture itself exists. The heart of this industry is Jepara, in Central Java, and Bali. With the advance of technology, wood-working industry has been increasing too, bearing the chance for sellers to sell wholesale furniture from Indonesia to other countries in large quantity in a relatively short amount of time.

Though with the help of technology, however, manufacturers are still racing to make high quality with trained eyes for details. Woodworkers generally come from woodworking descendants as well, making their skills higher than the average woodworkers who learn woodworking in their adulthood instead of their whole lives such as Indonesian woodworkers.

That aside, there are some things that you should of course consider before rushing to buy wholesale furniture from Indonesia. This article will cover that.

What Furniture Should You Choose?

As it is, there is a range of furniture that you can choose in Indonesia. You can choose based on the price—if you have strict budget for example. You can choose based on the quality.

Considering your need, you can also choose based on the type of furniture that you need or you can based on whether your need is particular or easily found.

Quality or Price?

Based on the material alone, quality and price can differ. The highest quality wood would be teak wood—which comes with likewise high price.

Teak wood has three classes; each affects the quality and price of a piece of furniture. The first class is class A, the oldest wood among other classes with 30 or more years covered. The grain on class A is straighter, the oil is abundant—which then affects how resistant a wood can be.

The second class of teak wood is class B. Class B teak wood has similar grain pattern to class A, only with more knots and waves along its heartwood.

The last class is class C, the youngest wood that is cut at the age of 15 years or so. The oil is not abundant, thus not as resistant as a grade A teak wood would be. However, class C has the lowest price among the grade, and yet you still have the beauty of teak wood furniture.

Indonesia itself has regulated that teak wood shall be controlled by the government. Most legal wood from this government institution would have grade A teak wood as the government cut up teak tree at the age of 40, way more than 30 years old that made up class A.

Buying teak wood furniture, especially wholesale furniture from Indonesia, you might want to see what grade your sellers made their furniture from. They may even have legal documents to prove where their woods come from.

Types of Furniture

Indoor? Outdoor?

You can find many manufacturers that sell wholesale furniture in Indonesia. Teak wood in particular is the best commodity, in particular outdoor furniture.

Teak wood, as everyone has mentioned and proven, is highly resistant towards many wood-enemies such as pests, water, and the weather—the sun, the rain, the snow.

You can leave your teak furniture outside for years and all it would do is turning gray without much damage taken even from the many changes of weather out there. Compare this to other furniture material you can find in your house. Do you need to bring them inside once the winter comes? Do you need to cover them with umbrella during the height of summer? Do you need to strap them to the ground during the windy fall?

All of this is the concerns that you need not to worry with teak wood as the material for your furniture outdoor.

What about Indoor?

If it can survive the storm, how would you think about teak furniture safe and sound in your warm house? Yes, almost no damage taken. That also means the wood would endure more years than the ones outside.

Other than that, the way teak ages would also differ. In outdoor setting, teak would become gray over time, while in indoor setting, teak would turn dark brown.

Purpose of the Furniture

The purpose of the furniture should be considered as well. For commercial purpose, for example, teak furniture would be better to complement the space. Its durability will endure the many people that will use the furniture in a long time.

Restaurants, hotels, or other commercial purposes need tough furniture. No businessman wants to replace their furniture in a year or two. Long term investment is much more preferred.

On the other hand, for personal purpose such as furniture for home purposes, you should go back to whether you prioritize quality or price.

If you are looking for price, obviously you can choose lower grade woods while taking notes on the quality of how the furniture is built.

Wholesale furniture from Indonesia covered furniture in many different purposes. If you have special needs, custom made is also a choice in many manufacturers in Indonesia.

Ordering custom-made furniture means you have unlimited choice on how your furniture would look like. You can design it yourself, discuss it with the manufacturers, and you’ll have your very own furniture.

Of course, the option for ready-made collection is available too. In this case you can you can just choose the furniture that you prefer, and you can proceed to buy wholesale furniture from Indonesia.

What to Do to Import Furniture from Indonesia

You have your dream furniture already. Now what you need to do is to import it to your country. How should you about this?

First off, make sure the seller you have a deal with has SVLK (Timber Legality Verification System) certificate. This is the confirmation proof of the legality of the timber and the main document that should be available.

Next, fulfil all the trade regulation including the additional documents and import license. Then, calculate all the costs that you have to cover such as the shipping charges, taxes and customs fees.

Choose your shipping freight well too as furniture would require big containment. Consider whether you want your furniture to be assembled or not. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages of course.

To Conclude

Indonesia has such diverse furniture choices, that you can have an ease in choosing the furniture or the manufacturer that you prefer. Wholesale furniture from Indonesia can give you options both as ready-made and custom-made furniture.

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