Beyond Era: Timeless Mid Century Modern Furniture Ideas

Mid-century modern refers to the style of architecture, interior design, furniture, urban planning, and graphic design in the mid of 1950s. This style firstly emerged in the United States initiated by several modern German architects who immigrated to America. Bringing the concept of simplicity, this style still looks convincing through the decades as many people consistently use this style as interior design idea for home, café, restaurant, or private villa. Hence, mid-century modern furniture always hits on a trend until 2020. The concept is mostly loved by urban people. Strolling downtown or suburban side, you may find cafes dominantly feature mid-century modern style. They made a perfect choice since this style creates a cozy vibe, an ideal nuance for a café to chill out. Nowadays the style popularity spreads over the world including Asia, either for private property or business property concept.

So, what makes people really get into mid-century modern style? Uniqueness and simplicity absolutely work. Besides, this style mostly suits a private home architecture. Flat roof and very detailed geometric forms are the main characteristics which make this architecture distinguish. The use of glass materials like sliding large window shows that mid-century modern style is integrated to nature since it allows the sun rays penetrate the house through many corners. Let’s say that simple design more captivates modern people lately as it gives the impression of simple living idea in this complicated world. Next is moving inside the house. Like the exterior design, the interior design still embraces the simplicity depicted in the furniture. Mid-century modern furniture is dominantly made from wooden materials with a little touch of metal. It vividly depicts the concept of close to nature with clean ambience. It’s not that difficult to arrange a mid-century modern style in your house as long as you put the right furniture in each room. To get the style, here we compile some ideas of mid-century modern furniture arrangement.

1. Color Palettes

The first essential before you arrange the mid-century modern furniture is selecting the color for the wall. Off-white is the main palette of this style. Off-white color will strengthen the furniture quality in a room. It is slightly similar to Scandinavian style. The difference is that mid-century modern style puts the highlight on its furniture. So, it’s perfect to set an off-white color on your wall. Besides, this color gives an elegant and classic touch. Alternatively, you can change the color to natural and warm palettes like brown, mustard, green, yellow, pink, and blue. These palettes in some points look bright, but the wooden furniture will neutralize it. Just mix two or more colors to get your preferred nuance. Orange and brown mixture, for example, gives an earthy-vibrant ambience in your room, especially for kiddo’s room. For a woman room with romantic touch but still looks mature, try to mix pink and brown colors.

2. Wooden Lounge Chair: Mid-Century Modern Furniture Highlight

Lately wooden lounge chair is trending among café owners. This mid-century modern icon simply gives you a relaxing and comfortable feel. Lounge chair is basically made from wooden materials such as teak, teak and paper cord combination, or sungkai. Sungkai wood is brighter in color and relatively more affordable compared to teak wood. If you prefer a bright look and save a budget, sungkai wood chair will suit your preference. Meanwhile, the teakwood material has higher quality than sungkai. Teak is typically long-lasting, solid, termite and fungal resistant wood. No wonder it is relatively more expensive than other wood materials and easy to maintain. Finishing technique is also essential and the most popular one is natural finishing. Natural finishing gives a shiny look, long-lasting, and most importantly, termite resistant. Lounge chair is perfect to relax while reading a book and presents a warm ambience in your room. Or, put it outside like in the terrace to get a natural and tranquil vibe.

3. Honey Rattan Chair

Why don’t you put a cheerful element in your home corner? Honey rattan chair will make your home livelier. The best idea is arranging some honey rattan chairs in your terrace or backyard near swimming pool. What a stunning combination to bring a tropical vibe in your home. Made from synthetic rattan and a touch of steel as its holder, honey rattan chair features a unique style for mid-century modern idea. It doesn’t only feature a beautiful design but also high quality materials. It is made with love by local craftsmen who pay attention to every detail and results a pretty solid design. This honey rattan chair proves that high quality product gets a combo function: a comfortable feel and chic look! If you prefer a neutral look, choose the black one. In order to get a tropical vibe or beach sensation, try to put the brighter one like cheerful yellow color.

4. Hox and Dev Recycled Dining Table Set

One of the ideas to get a mid-century modern style is combining wood and steel/metal materials for dining room inspiration. The current popular options among urban people are hox and dev recycled dining table set. Basically both consists of 1 table and 4 chairs which are designed for family. Hox has a vivid retro design combining recycled wood material with solid hollow steel holder. It looks simple but so stylish and inspires coffee shop concept a lot. Meanwhile, Dev recycled dining table also gives a retro vibe for your dining room. This table set is made from recycled teak material with rustic finishing touch. Unlike hox table set, Dev recycled table set looks more spacious with two long benches. This rustic design looks clean and chic. Dev recycled table set is the right choice for private family feast with a warm nuance. Furthermore, you may put an extra detail with the statement lightings like Arco floor lamp or chandelier. A classic chandelier gives an impression of dramatic accent in family room while the signature Arco floor lamp is more suitable for an urban taste.

5. Credenza for Your Rustic Dining Room

What is credenza and why is it essential in mid-century modern style? Credenza firstly emerged in Italy in the early 14th century as a dining room sideboard. As the development in interior design industry, credenza has the versatile function and can be placed in dining or living room. Nowadays we easily find various Credenza types with different style and materials. The most popular materials are solid teak and mahogany wood with lacquer, sayerlack finishing, and so on. A wooden credenza will make your dining room look rustic, elegant, and classic. An effortless arrangement simply creates a statement in your dining room corner. The perk of having a wooden credenza is that you can put any ornaments on it like flowers, scented candles, glass pitcher, or a pair of wine glasses. Now, you have both utility and aesthetic aspects from wooden credenza for your rustic dining room idea.

6. Wooden Retro Cabinet

Sometimes we are clueless about how to maintain an empty space in our house since we are not an interior design expertise. The simplest way to do is arranging a wooden cabinet in that empty space. Similar to credenza, cabinet also has versatile function. To create a mid-century modern style, surely you need a wooden cabinet. The common materials are teak, mahogany, pine, and maple wood. If you are thinking about the durability aspect, teak wood cabinet with natural finishing is the right choice. It’s termite resistant and high quality material. For more modern look, you can choose a wooden cabinet with small pieces of glass accents. Nowadays, a wooden cabinet is not only functioned as a storage but also an aesthetical aspect. Try to put some decorations on it like wooden photo frames, bamboo humidifier, vintage flower vase, or classic table lamp.

7. Wooden Bookshelf

Rock your private bed room with mid-century modern furniture. Once again, wood is an essential to get this style. A wooden bookshelf remains an elegant look for your private space. Similar to other furniture selections, you should consider some aspects in order to get the best quality. The teak wood material is the most recommended among other wooden materials with the natural finishing touch. It is not only termite resistant but also bold and solid as a storage. So, you can add more books and your treasure collections. If you prefer a stylish look, select a vertical wooden bookshelf with open compartments and touch of solid metals. However, you can choose the combination of closed storage units and open compartment if you require more spacious storage.

8. Flat Poster Bed – Graphic Pattern Fabric Mixture

The other way to decorate your private room is using wooden flat poster bed. This bed type more suits the young people since its design is simple yet stylish. Make sure you choose the solid material like teak wood for durability or termite resistance considering the flat design. You don’t expect a fragile bed as you will sleep on it, don’t you? Next, apply some bold geometric-patterned fabrics like floor mat, bed sheet, or heavy knitted blanket. Mid-century modern style is identical with strong geometric pattern perfectly combined with modest furniture. The unique geometric pattern paired with wooden furniture absolutely creates a chic look. Last but not least, don’t forget to put a detail to complete your mid-century modern room by adding a statement lighting. There are many lighting options for this style such as chandelier, Arco floor lamp, bubble lamp, pendant lamp, and many more. However, the pendant lamp more matches to a bedroom than others. A pendant lamp with warm lighting lets you indulge in a serenity.

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