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How to Customize Design Furniture from Indonesia

Wondering how you can customize design furniture from Indonesia? If you want some extraordinary pieces of furniture for your place, you might want to custom the design based on your preferences rather than just picking the displayed items directly from the store. However, there are several things you should put in mind before deciding to have the furniture of your own design. It is understandable if you might have a lot of considerations going on in your head since ordering custom-made furniture are not as simple as clicking some buttons in online store or pointing your finger to your desired piece in furniture stores.

Customizing your furniture with the design you create by yourself has been in the trend for years now. The development of technology and communication with digitalization and the access to the internet makes it even much easier to do so. Custom-made furniture is indeed the best for those who have artistic visions and want to bring them to life. Whether it is for your home, café, restaurant, hotel, or office, you can always display the unique furniture pieces of your own choice, with a little bit of artistic touch which reflects your personality. By customizing the design of your furniture, you can decide the concept by yourself, be it minimalism, modern, art deco, semi industrialism, or many others. Now, if you really into custom-made furniture, especially wooden ones, Indonesia is one of the best sources for it that you might want to put into consideration. Here are why:

Why It Is a Great Idea to Order Custom Made furniture from Indonesia

Wherever you are in this world, it will always be a good idea to try purchasing wooden furniture from Indonesia. In this modern world, it is almost effortless to order furniture from abroad and ship it to your country. But why should you buy furniture from Indonesia? Below are some good reasons for that. Check them out!

Indonesia has great natural resources of wood materials with excellent export quality

Do you know what lumber is considered one of the most valuable ones that it is said to be the gold standard for wooden furniture? It is teak wood. Do you know where there is a large supply of teak wood and reclaimed teak wood in the world? Indonesia is one of them. Indonesia is blessed with its extensive tropical forests, cared for and managed by the government itself and its state-owned enterprise Perum Perhutani to maintain the sustainability of the cultivation of its woods. Indonesia furniture manufacturers purchase their wood materials for their furniture production through Perhutani. This is to make sure there is a balance between the planting and harvesting of Indonesian woods. Besides, Indonesia also has abundant supply of reclaimed teak wood, which is a recycled natural resource in the same quality as freshly-cut teak lumber.

Teak is a superior lumber which is legendary for its outstanding traits as being extremely durable and resistant to termite and other destructive pests as well as to unfavorable weathers. This is because teak has adapted to various extreme weather, surviving both beaming hot and frigid days. So, the best quality teak wood furniture, which is made of Grade A teak lumbers, will be able to last for a long time. As for its appearance, teak wood is ring porous and has beautiful grains which will stand out in natural finishing. In the process, before going to the furniture production process, teak wood should be kiln-dried to reduce the water amount in it. It is a very essential step in wooden furniture making so as to preserve its quality for export purposes.

Of course, teak wood is not the only material that Indonesia can be proud of. There are more of them. Mahogany, sungkai wood, natural rattan, pandan rattan, paper-cord rattan, bamboo… You name it! All the materials needed to make the finest furniture. Although not as long lasting and hard wearing as teak wood, each of those materials has its own beauty and distinctive characteristics. You can always combine those materials together to make unique pieces of furniture for your place. For example, you can choose teak wood as the frames of your chair and then add the webbing of natural rattan for the seat and the backrest of the chair like Kodono chair

Indonesia is home for dedicated, experienced by woodcrafters and wooden furniture manufacturers

Indonesian people have been working with woods for ages. There are a considerable number of carpenters with qualified skills born from years of experience making wood crafts. One of the areas in Indonesia which is celebrated as a home for the best wood carving works is Jepara. There are also numerous capable wooden furniture manufacturers in this city. Indonesian entrepreneurs work hand in hand with local gifted woodworkers and furniture designers to produce a great pieces in the best quality.

In addition, Indonesia furniture industry always develops and goes along with the changing times. To meet the global standard and people’s ever-changing interests in furniture models, Indonesia furniture manufacturers have always done extensive researches on the newest trends and always come up with new innovations.

Indonesia is more than ready to compete in international market for its wooden furniture

Nowadays, people from around the world can make their purchases of Indonesian furniture from their country. Indonesian export rate for furniture has been experiencing significant development for the past years. As mentioned previously above, Indonesia already has a big name for its wooden furniture. This has been heard by many, including those living in other countries. The demand not only comes from neighboring ASEAN countries but also from Australia, the United States, and some European countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, France, and many others. To boost up the sales in international market, Indonesia has joined IFMAC (International Furniture Manufacturing Components) as the biggest marketplace for furniture in the world. Attending its international exhibitions is also a great strategy for Indonesia to make it better known by international furniture buyers.

How to Customize Design Furniture from Indonesia?

Now that you know already the advantages of ordering custom made furniture pieces from Indonesia furniture manufacturers, it is about the time for you to design your own furniture. There are several points to ponder regarding designing your own furniture. The followings are the steps you will have to take to customize design furniture from Indonesia:

Be creative: Make your own design based on your artistic senses and preferences

The very first step of customizing the design for your own furniture pieces is visualizing the ideas and putting them into pictures or drawings. You may need to explain in detail what your furniture will look like, including the dimension of your furniture piece. To do so, you will need to first measure your space, including how many furniture items you plan to put in the room. This is to make sure your finished furniture will fit your room the best, not making it look too cramped or too vacant. Also, you will need to choose the color as well in this step. Pay attention to the concept you want to apply for the room, as well as the main shades of it and the choice of lightings for the room. Most of the time, having furniture with the right color which complement the whole look of the room will enhance the beauty and elegance of the room.

The other important point to think of is the materials you want for your custom-made furniture. This includes the frame, whether you want a single material for the whole furniture or you want it combined with other materials, and also whether or not you want it cushioned or upholstered. If you want to add cushions for your furniture, or you want to have it upholstered, you will need to focus on the kind of fabric as well as the color and pattern of the upholstery too. Also make sure to highlight every detail you want for your furniture in your proposed design.

Consult with a trusted, professional wooden furniture maker

After finishing your design, it is time to contact a trusted furniture maker to get your custom-made piece. If you plan to customize design furniture from Indonesia, the best way to communicate with your furniture manufacturer is through the internet. Yes, nowadays, you don’t need to fly for hours just to discuss about your customized furniture pieces. Exchanging emails and chatting are still very helpful to maintain good communication with your furniture maker so as to make sure your project goes smoothly as expected. Send your design and all the detailed information (dimension, materials, quantity, etc.) to your furniture maker. You can always ask your furniture maker how far the progress has been working on. Also, if you have any revision for your design or if there is something you wish to change, always communicate it with your furniture maker, if it’s still possible to make the changes, so that you will receive only the quintessential furniture piece of your design.

Finally, after all the discussions are done and you have reach an agreement with your furniture maker, all you need to do next is just sit back and relax while your furniture maker starts the production process of your furniture with a customized design from you. Custom-made furniture pieces will need time to produce. Normally, the production of furniture in Indonesia will take about 60 to 90 days to complete. This usually depends of the complexity of your design as well as the quantity of your order. So, it will be better for you to be aware of the time, especially if you need the custom-made furniture for your facility, i.e. café, restaurant, or hotel.

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