What You Need to Know before Buying Furniture from Indonesia

Does Furniture from Indonesia Have a Good Quality?

Most furniture from Indonesia has very good quality. There are two main reasons for this, the first being the wood quality and the second being the hands who made the furniture itself.

When you are shopping for furniture or anything really, checking quality of the ones that catch your eyes is a must. Whether it is sturdy, imbalance, or tweaks would show how good quality is your furniture. Furniture from Indonesia has this covered by making sure every detail of your furniture is secure and safe.

The next thing you should really think about is the material. Not all furniture is made from the same material. If you are currently looking for wooden furniture especially, you are bound to see some laminate or particle board as material of furniture, yet you also may see beautiful sturdy woods such as hardwood.

Hardwood is the best wood concerning strength and sturdiness. They do have a little tensile quality, but with the right hand, they can be just as beautiful as any other material.

What Kind of Woods Comes from Indonesia?

Indonesia is a country of a very diverse flora and fauna. It certainly wouldn’t surprise you that Indonesia has more than 4,000 species of trees in Indonesia with 120 hardwood species for commercial use. 48 of them are then used in the plywood industry.

Out of these 120 hardwoods making a home in Indonesia, the most common type of wood used in most commercial use is jati or known internationally as teak wood. The other common woods used are teak, sungkai, mahogany, meranti wood (shoira), merbau wood, and albasia woods.

As the most used wood in Indonesia, teak is known for its strength, durability, and its characteristics against wood’s natural degradation. The wood has substances which are able to resist pests, water, and almost any weather.

With these characteristics, it is no surprise that furniture from teak wood is used as an outdoor tool and many as flooring and even ship decks.

Is Java Teak Wood Good for Furniture?

Teak has a very distinctive grain and color. It ages as beautifully as it is when you first got it.

The initial color of a teak wood is golden brown. If you use it inside, the color will turn darker over time, with almost no damage occurs.

On the other hand, if you use it outside of your house, teak wood would eventually become gray with age. Again, you would not find any lasting damage in this furniture in a long time, despite its natural aging.

All of these have been proved by a lot of hands-me-down furniture Indonesian’s family have of teak furniture. Teak is known for its generations of durability across Indonesia, thus it is popularity and its wide production.

However, of course, with its high demand, Indonesia thinks about its effect to nature. In this case, the government has taken over the production of teak wood from Indonesia, making sure that every tree that is cut down is replaced by a young, growing tree.

Trees are important and useful both alive on the ground and cut down as furniture.

The Design of Furniture from Indonesia

Are you looking for new modern furniture? Minimalistic furniture? Or are you striving to find antique pieces?

Indonesia is the home for that.

With abundant source of woods, there are a lot of wood manufacturers thriving in Indonesia. While many Indonesian likes more detailed, classy look for their furniture, it is no secret that people have their eyes to the west now and starting to look for simple and minimalistic furniture.

Chairs are made more subtle with smaller, yet sturdy frames. Teak is known for its sturdiness, so of course it is not a problem. Tables, while still have the strength, were made as such that can complement your house’ ongoing theme.

Cabinets, bookshelves, or just any furniture to décor for your house are available in Indonesia. Most could even accept your particular need and make your very own custom-made furniture.

Outdoor and Indoor Furniture

As mentioned before, teak wood is resistant to any conditions you put them through. Whether it be inside or outside, teak could endure and still have the same strength after being exposed by weather, humidity, and the likes.

What about other furniture? Can they endure both outdoor and indoor environment such as teak wood?

The first choice might fall into mahogany wood. It is durable, however it is not as much as teak wood would be. Moreover, this wood wouldn’t be able to endure many weathers as teak wood could.

Your other choice, instead, might be rattan furniture. Rattan is durable in its own right, more tensile and has more flexibility. This material can basically bend in such a way that you will have more choice as to how your furniture would look like.

How do You Buy Furniture from Indonesia?

Buying furniture from Indonesia might be easier and usual that you have thought. Especially if you have never imported furniture before, you need not worry.

Technically, you have to find a certified company. SVLK is the standard procedures of legality that you would find among the exporters from Indonesia.

Find your furniture needs properly. Look well what types of furniture that you need. When you have made the deal, think about the shipment next. Do you want to have more control over the delivery thus making an FOB or EXWORK , or do you want to leave shipment for the company you have a deal with?

To Conclude

There are many woods coming from Indonesia. Being the main material to make any furniture, it is quite obvious that generations of Indonesian have been in the business for a long time.

Furniture from Indonesia is mainly made from teak wood, one of the best hardwood to find anywhere. It is strong, it ages well, and it has beautiful grain. With the special wood-craftsmanship, high quality furniture can be found anywhere in Indonesia.

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