7 Popular Styles in Indonesian Furniture

When you are in search of popular styles in Indonesian furniture, there will be a lot of choices you can find. We know that the pandemic has changed our lifestyle and interests. Since we have to spend most of our time at home, we will try our best to do some make over for our home just to make it more attractive and cozy. Because we know that a home is where our heart is. If our home cannot make us stay comfortably, how is it supposed to be called home?  Home decor now is not just about showing your status. It is about showing your personality and your identity. Your home is part of yourself. Some people will know your personality from your home. The right & perfect home decor will give the true impression that you want to show.

First of all before we begin the whole process of home decor is choosing the theme. Either you’re into classic, minimalist, traditional, or whatever you like. Selecting the main theme will give the soul or the identity to your home. This theme will bring the message about what you like, your taste, or your personality through your home.

After you know what kind of theme you prefer, you need some supportive things to make your theme become reality. One of the ways to do that is looking for the proper indoor furniture that matches with your theme. Doing some research and having some discussion with the experts in interior design will help you a lot. However if you are still in the beginning and you still don’t know what to choose and don’t know what to do, this article might give you some ideas.

Here are some popular style in Indonesian furniture that you may like:

1. Less is more? Go For Minimalist Style

The lifestyle of minimalism attracts many people to adapt to it. It also gives some impacts to the style of home decor. Minimalist style is always the best option for you who wants to stay low and simple yet elegant. Minimalism with minimal basics provides an aesthetic that depends on the efficiency of the design.

The minimalist interior, which is not distracted or cluttered, has been simplified to maximize bold visual effects and basic use of space. The elements and motifs are designed to be as minimum as possible, with hidden storage space and fine details playing the right role. The selection of colors also plays some roles to keep the minimalist style stays on track. Usually the colors are navigated in subdued tone. Just in case you want to look for a minimalist style for a chair, you can take a look at our recommendation for your living room such as Laluna Chair or Kubi Chair.

2. Industrial Style that Still On Trend in Popular Style in Indonesian Furniture

Industrial interiors is about modernism’s focus on efficiency and function by modifying the working portion of the building into something that looks aesthetic. If you still have no idea what it looks like, here is the simplest explanation. Some people say that industrial style is more like the unfinished building or room but actually it is already finished. Beams, pillars, pipes and flanges are placed first to emphasize the “living machine” and make these interior designs full of masculinity.

Yes, the industrial style tends to look to be masculine instead of feminine. But, if you don’t care about the gender-based theme, this style is always worth to try. The colors in industrial style are also not so far from brown, gray, or any neutral colors. Moreover, the material of the furniture also affects the style. As long as it stays on iron or metal, and wood, the industrial look will be the spirit of your home. For example if you place our Hox Chair in the dining room, it surely does complete your personal theme as an industrial style enthusiast.

3. The Classic/Traditional: Everlasting Popular Styles in Indonesian Furniture

One of the styles that will never fade away is classic or traditional. From ages to ages, decades to decades, this style always gets a special space in some people’s hearts. Usually the theme of Indonesian traditional classics is found in upper or high-class society. Classic Indonesian furniture is normally easy to recognize by the strong ethnic colors with floral patterns or natural elements using wood. And speaking about the common material used is rattan or teak wood. There are different types of classic styles. If you are in high enthusiasm with furniture that has colonial style, you can always put the Raffles Chair or Sarah Chair in your living room.

Classic traditional interiors are distinguished by their silhouettes; winged chairs, exquisite furnishings, claw-foot tables, and other distinctive furnishings. When it comes to the design, it is hard to avoid that the influence from 18th-century British, French, Neoclassical, or Colonial styles also play some major roles to the design of the furniture.

4. Shabby-chic Style for Feminine Looks

When you are scrolling through Pinterest or any social media that you own, sometimes you ever read about “shabby-chic”. Newlyweds usually love to use this theme to decorate their home. The strong impression of this style is feminine and cute. If you have a daughter and you want to make over her room with this style, she will definitely love it. The shabby chic style reinterprets the traditional British aesthetics, creating a soft and feminine visual effect. The colors used are often white or some soft and pastel color. You can apply this style in your bedroom only or your whole home.

Your personal preference could affect the type and range of shabby chic styles you want to create. If you want a subtle distressed look and also emphasize the wood look, you can use a single color to glue and lightly roughen natural contact points, such as handles and edges. Our best recommendation to complete your theme is putting the Unicorn Chair or Onion Chair at your home. These two kinds of chairs also have some vintage touch that will be a perfect match to boost the shabby chic look.

5. Modern Contemporary Furniture for Statement Look

Looking for some popular styles in Indonesian furniture? It is better not to miss the modern contemporary one. Commonly, people think that modern and contemporary style are similar. However, both styles are actually different. Modern furniture refers to style from an era that has passed. Meanwhile, contemporary furniture refers to a concept of now and future. Both modern and contemporary are slightly similar featuring the minimalist concept. Besides, both style have the clean look as its signature.

Modern furniture type is generally wooden furniture or with the touch of earth elements. Meanwhile, contemporary furniture more features glass, metal, and state of art materials. Mid-century modern era is one of the most popular furniture styles in Indonesia. It is dominantly made from wooden materials, especially teak wood. The core of this furniture style is bringing the indulgence and simplicity. Lounge chair is the statement chair of mid-century modern furniture. The most popular lounge chair is made from teak wood material considering its high quality and durability. Furthermore, lounge chair simply pampers us with calm and relaxing ambiance.

6. Scandinavian: The Effortless and Popular Styles in Indonesian Furniture

This Swedish style hits the trend of furniture lately, especially for urban living idea. Scandinavian style simply meets the urban taste due to its minimalist and practical concept. The style is typically wooden Nordic style furniture. It highlights the solid wood materials and touch of natural materials like linen, natural fabrics, or leather. Besides, it commonly features the lighter color like off-white, grey, crème, or brown. Basically it uses wood materials which is easily found in Nordic countries such as pine, beech, and ash. As it comes to Indonesia, Indonesian furniture manufacturers modify it by changing those woods to teak wood. Teak wood is widely found in Indonesia and its quality is inarguably acknowledged.

The popularity of Scandinavian furniture isn’t only about the simplicity but also the utility. It brings the practical aspect for people. So, this furniture style is more familiar among urban people, especially those living in apartment. Nowadays, the aspect of function becomes the crucial part. Modern people prefer the versatile furniture in order to maximize the space function. That’s why we often find the flexible designs in Scandinavian furniture style. Besides, Scandinavian furniture features the stylish and elegant look. It creates clean and neat vibes in our room. Adding Scandinavian furniture to your room simply makes the aesthetic statement. In other words, Scandinavian furniture is simply effortless idea for your aesthetic room.

7. Teak Root Furniture for Antique Enthusiast

Thinking that teak root is kind of useless? Let’s see how the creative furniture manufacturers change this perspective. They modify teak root into the aesthetic furniture instead of burn it. Teak root furniture is simply brilliant idea to create such a functional furniture. In this modern era, teak root still becomes the top furniture selection. Most of them are antique stuff enthusiasts. Teak root furniture features the unique natural shape with high economic value. It results various furniture items, the most popular ones are teak root tables and chairs. Teak root tables and chairs bring the rustic vibe to your room. Those are carved in various design and ornaments.

Teak root furniture captivates the wide range of furniture enthusiast including the expatriate circle. They prefer the high quality material which represents Indonesian authenticity or uniqueness. Bali is one of the biggest customers of teak root furniture. Since Bali more focuses on trading instead of manufacturing, the furniture is mostly purchased from Java, especially Jepara. Teak root furniture is relatively heavy, long lasting, and solid. Besides, it comes with benefit as it naturally contains high oils. In other words, teak root is relatively water and insect resistant. So, teak root furniture is definitely flexible to put indoor or outdoor.

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